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Maintaining a consistent customer experience is important. As a Clearme Pronto partner you get a dedicated mobile-friendly webpage for your customers to purchase and onboard for testing. It displays your company's logo, name, operating hours and contact information. You can link to this page from your main business website or use in social media and email marketing.

Your Custom Pronto Webpage

With the Clearme Partner Connect iPhone app, your staff can quickly identify each customer and assign their specimen vial for collection. This efficient process substantially reduces the amount of time spent with each customer and requires just an iPhone. Once a specimen vial is scanned, the app will automatically notify us that the specimen is available for a scheduled pickup. 

Our Technology is Your Technology

Test result reports feature a verifiable QR code

Immediately upon completion of each test , our laboratory partner will issue the results through our Lab Connect system and a result notification is emailed directly to the customer. They can then access the result and download a printable and verifiably PDF report with all necessary information for travel.

24-48Hr  Results. Delivered Digitally.

When does my business get paid for the services I provide?

Clearme will make monthly payments for tests serviced from your business during the 1st and last day of the previous month. All tests are tracked by purchases made via your Clearme Pronto Webpage.

How do customers purchase a test?

Customers purchase their tests via your business's custom Clearme Pronto Webpage.

How much does my business earn from each test.

Actual dollars earned per test is based on the negotiated amount your business charges and the final market cost of the test. Your Clearme representative will discuss all costs in detail.

What is the cost of a PCR test?

The typical market rate for a PCR test is between $150-$300 based on location and service fees.

What kinds of tests can my pharmacy or clinic offer?

You can offer both RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen (Availability is based on location)

Does it cost anything to partner?

Absolutely nothing! We're here to get you started and only require a few minutes of your time.

Many countries including Canada requires a molecular PCR  test prior to entry. Clearme laboratory partners utilize globally accepted PCR tests with regulatory approval

*Subject to availability in selected location.. 

Join the fight against COVID-19 with Convenient PCR and ANTIGEN Testing as a Service for Your Pharmacy or Clinic

Join the growing Clearme network of pharmacies and clinics that now offer convenient 24hr-48hr COVID-19 Testing as a service to its customers. You will gain new customers and incremental monthly revenue without any financial investment, equipment or testing supplies – all while providing a highly sought after and beneficial service to your customers. It's great for travellers, business & Industry and individuals seeking personal assurance.

Earn Incremental Revenue and New Customers

As an authorized Clearme Pronto Partner, you will gain new walk-in customers and earn additional revenue for your business. Our simplified workflow lets you receive customers, collect their test specimen and we'll do the rest. We will arrange daily pickup of collected specimens and deliver to our certificated and accredited labs for processing. Our integrated technology platform will manage testing, provide customer service and deliver test results within 24-48Hours.

Visit Clearme Partner

Increase Walk-in Customers

Full Customer Management and Support

Daily Pick-Up Courier


Digital Test Reporting

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