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Many countries including Canada requires a molecular PCR  test prior to entry. Clearme laboratory partners utilize globally accepted PCR tests with regulatory approval

*Subject to availability in selected location.. 

We're Redefining Diagnostics.


At ClearMe, we’re redefining rapid Covid-19 diagnostics in response to the challenges businesses face in maintaining a safe and productive environment for its staff. Our team of highly motivated entrepreneurs with combined experience in medicine, biotechnology, occupational safety, strategic planning, and technology aim to take on the global healthcare challenge brought on by the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19). 


ClearMe and ClearMe Pronto diagnostic services offer individuals, families, large and small businesses convenient solutions for rapid and efficient testing. Our services include individual and group testing options, utilizing leading regulatory approved RT-PCR, ANTIGEN and our upcoming in-house developed LAMP molecular testing platform under development.


We are currently committed to providing solutions to successfully navigate the daunting COVID-19 pandemic and maintain critical operations.


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